Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tom and Fiona are now back in the UK after a short stop over in Ascension Island. Since finishing paddleing the pair have not had much chance to rest their last two weeks were spent working with a variety of young people in Stanley.
The first week was primarily with the Infant and Junior School taking all their expedition equipement and boats into the school and doing a show and tell day with some of the younger pupils from the 3 year olds in preschool up to year 6. Time was also spent with the year 6 doing a team building project day which proved to be very succeful.
The second week the pair work in the community school working with all tutor groups from year 7 to 11 doing team building activities. This again proved to be very succesful as currently there is no provision for this within the school.
The evenings were spent during these two weeks either preping for groups they were going to work with or running paddling, climbing and presentation eveings. One of the objectives of the trip was to find young people from the FI who may be interested in attending an Outward Bound Classic course, with Outward Bound Trust, Tom and Fiona all helping with some of the funding. At present there are about 23 young people who have expressed and interest and the pair would hope to have their finalised 10 in about 8 weeks.
In the mean time the pair want to continue raising money to help support some of the young peoles cost, so if anyone would like the pair to do a presentation on the expedition with proceeeds going to the fund then they can be contacted on: or