Friday, January 2, 2009

1st January 2009
well we kind of survived new year, a little hung over!!!!!
sorting boats and kit was the name of the game again. There was also a really good chat with a guy called Pat who was skipper of the Tamar a local supply vessel he gave us loads of good information about currents on the West side.
The eveing was spend chatting to Lief Poncet a local sailing and kayaker the only person perviously to have manage to complete a circumnavigation and an alround great guy.
this is hopefully the final prep day with a hope that we will get going tomorrow or Sunday weather depending.
31st december New years eve
we spend quite a bit of the day sorting out our food supplies and packing them ito boxes to be sent to food drops, finding fuel and local information on local proceedures and tides.
We found someone from the camp who offered to repair Tom's boat so good news.
As a group of 5 with the other 3 kayakers we went out for diner before sampling the pubs of Stanley.
30th December
well on getting up this morning, not quite used to the timings and the sun rising at about 3.30 in the morning. We went and unwrapped the boats and give them the once over. Most seemed good unfortuately it looked like Toms boat had been dropped on the skeg box and had broken throught the hull so good glass work was going to be required.
We spend some of the day walking into town and checking out some of its history which was a great experence.
we have already experience the range of Falklands weather rain, gale, hail, sun with sun burn and thats all within and hour.

December 29th
Well after a long flight we arrived at mount pleasant airport. The quot of the day coming from the cabin crew saying there was a gail warning so please dont carry small children off the flight let them walk.
Chris from the other party had manage to get us accomodation at Hillside camp, so we are living in style with a good bed, lots of good food and fanstanic hospitlaity from the Camp staff.