Saturday, January 3, 2009

3rd January
Well things are looking pretty good for us to start tomorrow. Tom's boat is finally fixed and he is out on the water now testing that it is water tight!!!! we have done all our packing so we know all the equipment fits, we have been sorting our food supplies we have sorted supplies for 45 days split into 3 blocks of 15. Two are going out by plane drop to islands off West Falkland.
Some of our delay in getting going has been sorting land owners permission, here in the Falklands you cannot land on any of the beaches without permission. The last couple of days has seen us ringing 79 different land owners, mostly with a very positive and helpful response not only to landing by to visiting them as well.
We are slowing getting into the swing of the fast weather systems here, with barometer watching being an art. We have got used to taking sun hats and lotion, down jacket and waterproofs every time we step out side. The big bonus is with all the wind there are no midges and it seems that dispite the high ratio of sheep to humans there are no sheep ticks on the islands.
well hopefully the next blog will be from a remote area
Fiona and Tom